Past Event

Set Educated – Western Sydney

February 24, 2024 9:30 am — Tickets $29

Have you ever wanted to work on the set of a TV or Film Production but don’t know where to start?

​Are you currently working in Hospitality, Fashion, Hair, Makeup, Construction, Electrics – or practically ANY other job, but feel like a change?   The screen industry wants you!!

This one-day event is your chance to discover how you could get work in the screen industry – in jobs you may not have ever heard of. Meet those who deliver the magic to get stories to the screen.  The Grips, Gaffers, Assistant Directors, Camera, Sound, Lighting and Art Departments, Wardrobe, Props, Makeup, Production office.  The list goes on.

Get SET EDUCATED at a fast, furious, and fun one-day event coming to you in person or online. And get some help so you can join the crew in fantastic careers.

​You belong here.

ACE has the opportunity to supply our friends and colleagues with free tickets to this event. If you have any issues covering the cost of a ticket please reach out to [email protected].



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