Dharug Knowledge Holders

Our Dharug Knowledge Holders set the foundations for our First Nation’s Programs. This governance guarantees our First Nations community, staff, artists and elders have full autonomy at ACE, and creating space for empowerment, for our First Nations youth to transform, and grow, becoming leaders on the same path our Knowledge Holders have paved. They share their wisdom, experiences, and understandings to assist in the development of our own understanding working in community. Our Epistemology of Truth Telling, Time and Transformation ensures self-determination and First Nations ways of being and working with community is valued and secured for future generations to come.

Julie Jones Webb is a cultural consultant working in First Nations sectors across early childhood, Health, Aged Care, Education, Private and Government sectors. She is a proud Dharug woman, Traditional Custodian and Knowledge Keeper from multiple fresh and saltwater clans. She works as an advocate, educator, consultant, artist and mentor. She is currently the Chairperson of Dharug Strategic Management Group (DSMG), and a former Chairperson of the Darug Ngurra Aboriginal Corporation and recently led creation of Dharug Allies for Nura Alliance. Julie is deeply invested in supporting the truth and power Aboriginal art and culture.

Peta Strachan is a descendant of the Dharug people from the Kurrajong area of NSW. She is a professional artistic director, dancer, choreographer, teacher and costume maker with 35 years’ experience. Peta has toured nationally and internationally with Aboriginal Islander Dance Theatre and Bangarra Dance Theatre. Peta is Artistic Director of the all-female intergenerational Indigenous dance company Jannawi Dance Clan (JDC), which she formed in 2008. Community, identity and culture are strong values in Jannawi’s practice, which is committed to revitalising the language and amplifying the voices and histories of Dharug peoples.

Chris Tobin is a Dharug artist and educator who works over much of Western Sydney providing cultural presentations to school groups and other interested organisations about Darug history and heritage. Chris upholds his cultural responsibilities across the Dharug Language Area assisting with consultation, ceremonies and cultural fire management.

He also holds space in Parramatta Park each month sharing ochre paintings on the trees around Old Government House and making himself available to meet with people who want to talk and connect.


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