Past Event

A Western Sydney Book Club – October Edition

October 27, 2023 6:30 pm — Tickets FREE
8 Victoria Rd Parramatta

'Praiseworthy by Alexis Wright

About the Book

Praiseworthy by Alexis Wright explores the profound themes of identity, cultural displacement, and the enduring power of storytelling. The novel follows the journey of Praiseworthy, an Indigenous Australian man, as he navigates the complex and changing landscapes of his homeland. Through Praiseworthy’s adventures, the book delves into the struggle to maintain cultural heritage in the face of colonization and the importance of storytelling as a means of preserving history and connecting with one’s roots. Wright’s work highlights the resilience of Indigenous cultures and their ability to adapt and survive amidst adversity. Praiseworthy is a powerful narrative that celebrates the richness of Indigenous traditions while shedding light on the ongoing challenges faced by Indigenous communities in Australia.

About the Facilitator

Roanna Gonsalves facilitated the conversation about Alexis Wright latest novel.

Roanna Gonsalves is the award-winning author of the acclaimed collection of short fiction The Permanent Resident (UWAP) published in India as Sunita De Souza Goes To Sydney (Speaking Tiger). Her four-part radio series On the tip of a billion tongues, commissioned and broadcast by ABC RN’s Earshot program, is an acerbic portrayal of contemporary India through its multilingual writers. She teaches in the Creative Writing program at UNSW Sydney.

This event took place Friday, 27 October in the safe and welcoming space of Arts & Cultural Exchange, Parramatta.

Attendees joined Roanna Gonsalves  in a conversation about ‘Praiseworthy’ by Alexis Wright.
This month’s edition took place in the safe and welcoming space of Arts & Cultural Exchange, Parramatta.
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