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Club Weld’s Jerrah Patston Writes ABC TV Show Theme Song

April 2, 2024 12:00 am

Club Weld musician Jerrah Patston in collaboration with Sam Worrad, has co-written the theme for the ABC’s new animated series Fizzy and Suds, which premiered in March 2024.

Jerrah also contributed percussion to the recording (sung by voice actor Quinn Matley aka Fizzy), with production duties handled by Chris Hamer-Smith of Nakama Arts.

ABC’s first production to be certified Inclusively Made (an accreditation process set up by director Genevieve Clay-Smith and her husband Henry Smith to promote authentic inclusion in creative industries), Fizzy and Suds! was produced inclusively with people living with disability from start to finish.

The 26-episode series is available to binge on ABC TV + iview.

Watch it now via the link below!

Watch The Series Here!

“I loved working on a new song for Fizzy and Suds, and it’s good to have it be part of a great show,” Jerrah said.


The program has been nominated for three awards at the Prix Jeunesse International Children’s Television Festival in Munich in May.


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