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Club Weld – Picture of Everything

November 14, 2023 12:00 pm

‘Picture Of Everything’ was released on November 14 to Spotify (courtesy of ABC Music)

The Newest Release from ACE's Club Weld Program for Neurodiverse Musicians

Picture of Everything is a compilation of music made over the past eighteen months at Club Weld, ACE’s program for neurodiverse musicians. The album features tracks by Charbel Nehme, Adoni, Sienna Acquaro, Chris Stiles & Anthony Talarico, Patrick Li, Jerrah Patston, Nina Gotsis & Jonathan Yung plus remixes by the project’s guest artist, June Jones.

The musicians were supported by facilitators Sam Worrad, Pasko Schravemade, Annais Gallo, June Jones & Aether Tabris as well as guest artists and producers Toby Martin, Chris Hamer-Smith & Eric Kempke.

The album is available to listen to now on Spotify (courtesy of ABC Music) and ACE’s Bandcamp!

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These artists all possess something that some musicians never find, and which many others lose during their career, which is the ability to be playful, unpretentious, and intentional in their approach to making music. Whether it’s the confessional new wave of Charbel Nehme, the folk portraits of daily life from Jerrah Patston, or the disco-flavoured pop of Jonathan Yung, there is a common quality in the work of all of the Club Weld artists that reflects a pressing urge to express themselves through music.  
– June Jones 2023


Club Weld artists are available for interview. Contact Sam Worrad on 0410 588 522.

The stunning cover for this album is by revered artist Anthony Mannix with layout by Thomas Kelly.

Picture of Everything

  • Charbel Nehme – My Dreams, My Life
  • Adoni – The Music Never Stops
  • Sienna Acquaro – Ummmmm
  • Chris Stiles & Anthony Talarico – I Like Pink Donuts (Yeah, We’re Flying)
  • Patrick Li – Synthony
  • Jerrah Patston – Energy (Demo)

features songs from:

  • Nina Gotsis Band – Bronte Ocean (instrumental version)
  • Jonathan Yung – Side To Side
  • Jerrah Patston – Falling For You
  • Jerrah Patston – The Doorbell Song (Ding Dong) – June Jones Remix
  • Charbel Nehme – My Dreams, My Life – June Jones Remix

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