Past Event

Tales from Liminas: The Winner’s Wand

February 26, 2023 12:00 pm — Tickets FREE
8 Victoria Rd Parramatta

Written and performed by Wiradjuri artist Bria McCarthy, Tales from Liminas: The Winner’s Wand was a new work in experimental shadow puppetry presented on 26 February 2023 for FREE at Arts & Cultural Exchange in Parramatta.

This event was an exclusive premiere development presentation, sharing with audiences the world of Liminas which reimagines the Australian landscape into an island of magic, mischief and mystery!

Bria shared one of the many stories from this fantastic realm; a realm where wizards, animals and talking seasons come together in a spellbinding story that questions relationships between species and power.

This work was supported by ACE as part of our First Nations youth residency program Still Growing and proudly funded by Create NSW.

The performance began at 12 pm and was followed by a brief Q&A for those with burning questions about the world of Liminas.


This work was supported by ACE as part of our First Nations youth residency program Still Growing

About the Show

When the Wizards of Solmark cause a rockslide with their magic, the families of frogs that live by the lake below find their homes destroyed.

In an effort to repair the damage that has been done, one of the frogs steals the wizard’s wand and uses the power to restore the lake.

The frog discovers an affinity for power, for magic, and conjuring anything they desire.

But how long can a frog hold all this power before things go awry? Who can decide where power goes?

About the Artist

Bria McCarthy is an Irish/Aboriginal performance maker from Western Sydney. Her practise is multi-disciplinary, and includes writing, directing, puppeteering and teaching.

She has trained and worked professionally with organisations such  as Q Theatre, ATYP, PYT, Shopfront Arts Coop, WSU Centre for Society and Research, ACE and Outloud.

In 2019 she wrote and directed her debut play ‘A Game For Flies’, which played at PYT Fairfield. 

In 2022 her debut manuscript ‘Finding Liminas: The Sudden Tree’ was shortlisted for the Text Prize 2022.

In 2022 she also wrote and created a shadow puppet short film called ‘Murriyang: Seven Sisters Rising’, as well as a new work in shadow puppetry ‘Dragon Hearts’, which played at the Whispers and Roars festival.

Her work is characterised by an interest in environmental philosophy, a sense of wonder and playfulness, and her experimental approaches to devised theatre and puppetry.

In 2023 Bria is an Aboriginal artist in residence at ACE Parramatta, where she is developing a new show ‘Tales from Liminas: The Winner’s Wand’. More about her work can be found at


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