Past Event

A Western Sydney Book Club – June 2023

June 30, 2023 6:30 pm — Tickets FREE
8 Victoria Rd Parramatta

Scary Monsters by Michelle de Kretser

About the Book

Scary Monsters by Michelle de Kretser is a thought-provoking book that delves into the intricacies of human desires, revealing the hidden aspects of fear and the search for truth. With a keen eye for detail, de Kretser navigates the complexities of relationships, unravelling the web of emotions surrounding love, loss, and the quest for self-discovery. Through her skilful storytelling, she invites readers to delve into a captivating narrative examining human existence’s profound depths. “Scary Monsters” is a compelling read that will leave a lasting impact, offering a glimpse into the enigmatic nature of our fears and desires.

About the Facilitator

Yumna Kassab facilitated the conversation around Scary Monsters by Michelle de Kretser on Friday 30th June 2023.

Yumna Kassab is a writer from Western Sydney. She is the author of The House of YoussefAustraliana and The Lovers. She has been listed for The Stella, QLD Literary Awards, Victorian Premier’s Literary Award and NSW Premier’s Award. Her writing has appeared in Meanjin, Sydney Review of Books, Sydney Morning Herald, Griffith Review, The Saturday Paper and Kill Your Darlings. Her next project is Politica. It is an imagined political history of the Arab World and will be released in November, 2023, through Ultimo Press.

This event took place Friday, 30 June in the safe and welcoming space of Arts & Cultural Exchange, Parramatta.

Attendees joined Yumna Kassab in a conversation about this month’s book, Scary Monsters by Michelle de Kretser.

This month’s edition took place in the safe and welcoming space of Arts & Cultural Exchange, Parramatta.

A Western Sydney Book Club explores books led by guest authors, for readers, in and connected to Western Sydney.


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