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Youth Engagement

Youth Engagement projects are co-designed with young people across Western Sydney – particularly those who are disengaged, vulnerable or who don’t have regular access to resources, training and development opportunities. The program is responsive and flexible, so that it meets needs as they emerge, while also building networks and creative pathways for long-term artistic development and sustainability.

Youth Engagement provides avenues for young people to gain skills, training and resources to enhance their creative practices. We focus on sustainable arts practice, community-focussed careers, and high-quality artistic outcomes. The program hinges on confidence, self-determination and supportive frameworks.

We have three key program areas that focus on different cohorts of young people:

  • In-School Programs are designed in partnership with high schools to address specific needs of student groups. These programs focus on providing avenues for young people to establish positive pathways through their schooling experience, and to provide support for students as they prepare to move into tertiary education and/or careers.
  • Emerging Artist Programs are for young people who are pursuing careers within the creative industries. The projects that fall under this category incorporate skills training, industry experience and professional networking opportunities to give participants the best possible opportunities to build their experience and bodies of work. 
  • Social Outreach Programs exist to offer a range of arts engagement programs as a vehicle for social welfare and community building. These programs are delivered within a bigger network of youth support services and through partnerships with community organisations and youth spaces.

As well as our up-skilling programs, we collaborate with partners from grass-roots organisations to major institutions to create platforms and opportunities for our artists to present their work. 

Our projects draw on the strengths and interests of the young people with whom we work, in ways that are culturally relevant, safe and effective. Our overarching goal is to build strong, interconnected networks of young people that also thrive independently.



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